The development team that makes The Overseer Project possible! (If I've left anyone out, they should tell me so I can include 'em)

The Overseer - Original creator of the project and still the main coder and designer, but probably doesn't even do half the work anymore! While the foundation I put down has undeniably been critical to the project's success, I simply don't have all the expertise required or the ability to process all these items and come up with all these ideas.

Blahsadfeguie (a.k.a "Babby Overseer") - Head of content addition. The dude in charge of making sure your submissions make it into the game. Has produced some handy tools to help us do this. Now also works on various pieces of item-related code: the accessory system and alchemizing multiple items were coded by him. (Not to mention the randomizer, submission system, consort shop...)
C'tri - The chap that is optimizing the code to reduce lag, and also improve the appearance of stuff! Also develops the Runecraft plugin for Minecraft
-- Loki, iZanami, leviathansReignmaster, Bareth, Malfact, Willy, Void, Verros, and Halofire - The content implementation team! They all have very similar jobs: take your suggestions and pictures and place them into the actual game. That is the only reason they're all listed together: they are no less important than the rest of the devs by any means!
-- lizardLord, Sei, Mags, Dent, Mikle, Adelie, Tessou, Gelu, Shinylugia10 - The item quality control team! Whether its balancing items or moderating submissions, these guys make sure items are suitable for the project. Some of them also do other odd jobs like the javascript for the health/aspect vials!

adorableSleep - Head of visuals and web design. Responsible for the project no longer having the old black text on white background look, although I did do the prospit/derse CSS at least which makes me feel not entirely irrelevant!
-- Tea (blog may be NSFW, be aware) - Produced the header images you are using right now!
-- lethargicDesigner - Responsible for those lovely front page icons for gristwire and the porkhollow.
-- King of AoDA - Produces the various vial graphics.
-- Split soul sister - Not actually part of the dev team, but produced the lovely Prospit background cityscape!

PsycheDox - The dude running the server nowadays.

glamorousTrickster - The main person on text exploration sections. If you are enjoying a good frolic on your dream moon, that would be thanks to her.
Sevith - Sevith is working on procedurally generated content and also helping out with the text exploration

The players! - Yes, I know a lot of games do this and it's somewhat corny and overdone at this point. But I'm putting it in anyway because of the overwhelming emphasis this project has on user-submitted content compared to other similar games.TwofoldCatalcysm also works for the site. TAKE THAT, NONBELIEVERS.
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